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Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning

Standards a little more than standard?

Try Our Zip Top-to-Bottom Deluxe (also known as a deep cleaning) it includes (but is limited to):


  • Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, table, and chairs.

  • Clean, scrub, and sanitize sinks, countertops, and backsplashes.

  • Deep Clean range top and inside of oven.

  • Clean appliance exteriors, including the inside of toaster and coffee maker.

  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave oven.

  • Wash floor.

Living Room

  • Clean, dust, and vacuum.

  • Dust window sills and ledges.

  • Dust furniture, blinds, picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, and lamps.

  • Vacuum carpets or wash floor.

  • Vacuum furniture, including under seat cushions.

  • Wash windows on sliding glass doors.

  • Empty and clean wastebaskets.


  • Change sheets and pillowcases

  • Vacuum floor and under beds.

  • Dust furniture and clean mirrors.

  • Check windows for fingerprints.

  • Wipe down walls and clean baseboards.

  • Clean, dust, vacuum, and mop each room.


  • Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs, vanity, sinks, and backsplashes.

  • Double scrub the grout and tile.

  • Double scrub shower doors

  • Clean mirrors.

  • Clean and sanitize toilets.

  • Polish chrome.

  • Wash floors and tile walls.

  • Empty wastebasket.

  • Replenish liquid hand soap.

  • Replace clean linens, hand towels, washcloths, bath towels, and shower mat(s).

Zip Deluxe Plus Cleaning Tasks

  • Spot clean the walls, doorknobs, and light switches.

  • Dust the decor (photos, framed art, etc.). Dust ceiling fans.

  • Hand wipe the baseboards.

  • Vacuum blinds with attachments

  • Vacuum vents and behind large furniture.

  • Clean the windows.

We also offer SteamVac for carpet cleaning!

So, if one of these packages is what you’re looking for give us a call. One of our trained & friendly staff will there to help answer any questions (914)206-5560

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